County plans traffic light outside IQ Apartments

The IQ Apartments recently built across from campus sparked controversy by increasing both pedestrian and vehicle traffic at that section of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard but safety concerns are being looked at by Hillsborough County.

The apartment complex is across the street from an entrance to campus and right next to James A. Haley Veterans Hospital.

According to reports from ABC Action News, both students and those who frequent the hospital have been complaining about the lack of a crosswalk or street light at the intersection.

A petition on titled “Remove the Danger” has received 158 signatures in favor of putting a traffic signal at the location.

“Again, there is no traffic signal at this intersection in which 50,608 vehicles enter this intersection on an average week day,” the petition says. “That is, about 75,000 persons pass through this intersection on an average week day. Highway and road improvements are greatly needed at this dangerous intersection.”

The complaints aren’t falling on deaf ears.

Bob Campbell, Transportation Program Manager with Hillsborough County, said a project is currently in the works to install a full traffic light at Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Richard Silver Way but will require cooperation with USF and the veterans’ hospital.

Due to the amount of traffic the area sees, simply adding a crosswalk wouldn’t meet safety code. A full traffic light would also include a crosswalk along with a pedestrian button and light.

The project is in its early stages of preliminary work and sketches, but can be expect to be completed mid-2018 or early 2019.