Mock beauty pageant held in opposition of Trump

A mock beauty pageant held on USF campus on Thursday featured contestants with names like Miss Bimbo, Miss Piece of Ass and Miss Housekeeping: unusual names, but all have been used  to refer to women by the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

The pageant was put on by USF’s chapter of For Our Future (FOF), a progressive PAC.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has called various women names and demeaned them in myriad ways.  The pageant aimed to highlight his misogyny and encourage people to vote for alternate candidates.

Erin Jensen, press assistant for FOF, said that Trump’s comments are “frightening.”

“We will not stand for this misogyny and sexism,” she said.

FOF intern Rafael Araujo said that FOF spreads progressive ideals and hopes that the pageant will raise awareness of Trump’s disparaging statements.

“This is our time to be speaking about women,” he said.

Jensen said that they event was styled after a beauty pageant because it is “the only venue [Trump] understands.”

Contestants like Miss Piggy and Miss Flat-Chested took a turn speaking out against aspects of Trump and his candidacy. 

Rachel Kershaw, the campus organizer for USF’s FOF chapter, wore a sash that said “Miss Bimbo.”  She said that Trump’s temperament is not appropriate for a president.

“We need a level-headed leader in the White House,” she said during her speech.

Dominique Boyer, a senior studying social work, participated in the pageant as “Miss Flat-Chested.”  She said in her speech that it is important to her that women receive equal pay for equal work.

Catalina Carranza is a junior studying psychology.  She was “Miss Housekeeping” for the pageant.  She encouraged her audience to vote for a leader who will provide a harassment-free and equal workplace.

FOF also registers students to vote on campus.

Melissa Baldwin, press secretary for FOF, said that this election is, “Such a huge opportunity to make history.”

She hopes that students will turn out in large numbers to the polls in November.  FOF aims to raise this number by helping students register to vote on campus.

“We want to remind every student and voter that they have the power to keep this misogynistic man out of the White House,” Baldwin said.

There were no protestors or Trump supporters at the event.