2 Chainz makes eccentric homecoming concert requests

Homecoming After-party performer 2 Chainz asked for a number of odd and specific items in the hospitality rider portion of his contract, including blue Skittles and blue Starbursts. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

When artists agree to perform at an event, one can assume they will have certain requests — perhaps beverages or food — to make sure they can provide a peak performance. 

2 Chainz, who is headlining USF’s homecoming concert, is no exception. Apparently, he needs strawberry Pepperidge Farm cookies and two gallons of lemonade in order to wow an audience. 

Two liters of vodka, two bottles of Moet Rose Champagne, 2 bottles of Tequila, a platter of chicken wings, three boxes of Swisher Sweets and Louisiana Hot Sauce were just some of the many other requests in the hospitality rider of 2 Chainz’s contract for his appearance at the USF Homecoming show tonight at 8 p.m.

However, USF refused to comply and is currently working on shaving down the requests to a number of basic items needed by the artist like towels and refreshments.

Artists often include these “riders” to the original contract as negotiable aspects that make sure the entire agreement doesn’t have to be redrafted in case a disagreement. They normally include the artist’s preferred meals, drinks and miscellaneous items. 

Previous artists who have visited USF, like Big Sean, who was the key performer for last year’s homecoming concert, have also included excessive requests. Sean included 6 bottles of Ciroc and a pack of Fruit of the Loom crew neck t-shirts in his rider.

Unfortunately for Sean, the university chose to negotiate those requests as well. 

Tuesday, at the Stampede Comedy Show emceed by USF alumna Jessica Michelle Singleton, USF hosted comedy duo Ted Alexandro and Bret Morin. According to Monica Miranda, the director for the Center for Student Involvement and Fraternity and Sorority Life (CSI-FSL), after negotiations, the artists were provided with finger sandwiches and tea. 

She anticipates the same will happen with 2 Chainz and concert-opener Breezy. And while negotiations are not yet concluded, she said they will likely be finalized prior to the concert. 

“We work with the agent to get the basic items [each performer] may need and we normally get that information a few days before the concert,” Miranda said. “We do not provide alcohol. We never provide alcohol for any of our artists and they know that. That is absolutely clear from the beginning.”

This years, CSI-FSL has partnered with Aramark, the provider of the on-campus dining hall food, to provide refreshments for the artists who visit USF.  

Though the details have yet to be finalized, Miranda said 2 Chainz’s rider would be more than likely be negotiated down to refreshments and towels — he requested 24 black towels in multiple sizes —which are frequently requested due to the heat caused by performing under lights on stage.

The homecoming concert is free for USF students and while tickets can be requested online now, USF ID required at door. Students can purchase one guest ticket for $10 plus an online fee. The general public can purchase tickets online for $25 plus fees. 

There are 5,500 free student tickets and a combined 1,800 guest and public tickets, according to 2 Chainz’s contract. He is receiving $100,000 for the performance.