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Candidates begin campaigning for SG midterm elections


The semi-annual chalk drawings are beginning to blossom across campus with a common vein: voting. 

This is because candidates for Student Government (SG)  Senate midterm elections started campaigning this week.

There are 11 seats open within the Senate with approximately 55 candidates still running.

Candidates can campaign until election days — Oct. 11 and 12 — when there will be  polling stations set up in the Marshall Student Center on both days, along with a supplementary voting station at another location on campus. 

Students will also be able to vote online.

According to SG statutes, candidates can campaign using fliers and signs, as well as chalk drawings. However, the Election Rules Committee chair must approve everything and restrictions do apply.

Candidates can’t include the SG or university logos, non-student employees or the USF Spirit Squad and NCAA Division I athletes, and they can’t campaign within 100 feet of a polling site. 

Candidates who commit these minor violations first receive a warning and after each subsequent violation will receive a $20 fine. Major violations — including providing false information, tampering with voting software and coercing a student to vote — will result in automatic disqualification.