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Panel to discuss freedom of expression

USF will host a discussion panel on freedom of expression, focusing on how First Amendment rights apply to university students, faculty and staff, according to a university flyer released about the event. 

The panel will take place in MSC 2708 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. today. Those on the panel are Thomas Miller, associate professor in college student affairs; Gerard Solis, USF general counsel; and Steven Tauber, chair of the department of government and international affairs. Each will be speaking on different topics related to freedom of expression, according to Tauber. Tauber will be discussing academic freedoms related to trigger warnings, microaggressions and safe spaces. Solis will be speaking on freedoms related to protesting by students or by those who visit campus. Miller, who organized the event, will be hosting. 

"… I think it's something that most directly affects students and faculty and staff and the university community," Tauber said. "You know, it affects their daily lives because they're engaged in this free exercise of ideas and free speech and I think when, you know, for example, people, when they see the preacher who is out there by Cooper Hall … hopefully they can understand that when they come to the event and learn about the importance of freedom of speech in an academic setting." 

According to the flyer, the event is free and will be open to the public.  

The event is part of the observance of Constitution Day and is a required observance for those universities that receive federal funding, according to Tauber. Tauber said the organization of the event began in mid-August.