Uber offers free rides for students through sweepstakes


With classes starting up, Uber has announced a contest geared toward making Florida’s college students safer. The prize: a semester’s worth of free Uber rides.

In order to apply, students must use their college email to set up an account or link an existing account to their college email. 

The offer is extended to 12 schools across the state, and one winner will be randomly announced via email on Sept. 8, the day after the sweepstakes closes. The winner earns a $1,600 credit toward Uber rides for the semester.

A student can get up to three more entries by using their promo code to refer classmates.

The contest is taking place in 38 states, including the District of Columbia, with one winner per state being selected based on meeting the necessary criteria of being 18 years or older and being a legal U.S. resident.

“Uber’s mission is to connect people with safe and reliable rides,” Javi Correoso, Uber’s Florida spokesperson, said in an email with the Oracle. “With the start of school, students will be running from class to class, social and sporting events. This sweepstakes is an opportunity to make getting around safer and easier.”