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Dorm hacks: A guide to maximizing dorm living

Lofting a bed can provide much-needed space in an otherwise cramped dorm room. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

One of the most surprising things for freshmen when they first get to college is the living situation. Not only do you have this relatively small space, but you also usually have to share it with someone. There are many things that you can do to efficiently maximize the space in a dorm room.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice appearance for functionality though. There are many hacks you can utilize that will make your dorm room visually appealing as well as practical.

1. Loft your bed (if you’re not scared of heights)

If you don’t mind climbing to get in and out of bed, getting your bed lofted is a great idea. It frees up a lot of space underneath for almost anything. You can put your desk, fridge, plastic storage drawers or even your TV under there. Depending on how big the space is, you might be able to fit all of those if you arrange them right. You can even hang streamers or rope lights under the bed to make it more visually appealing.

2. Use all spaces

 On the topic of correct furniture arrangement, be sure to use all spaces in your room. Put a sheet over your storage container and use it as a table or a nightstand. You can put your TV on your mini fridge, if size permits. Everything has more uses than you would think.

3. Throw away absolutely anything you do not need

You do not have space for hoarding in college. Minimalism should be your room’s theme. If you do not use it often or need it immediately, throw it away, leave it at home or do not buy it. Also remember that you are not living alone. Not only will you be grateful that you didn’t keep that guitar that you played once two years ago in your room, but your roommate will also thank you. You are no longer only living and decorating for yourself but for you and your roommate. Be considerate.

4. Get creative with decorating

Just because you can’t paint your dorm room doesn’t mean that you can’t make it yours. You may not be able to put holes in your walls but you can use putty to stick posters on the walls and use Command hooks to hang pictures and paintings. Some students get paint swatches from their local hardware store and tape them to the wall to create their own art or even to use as wallpaper. Use Pinterest for simple yet beautiful ideas. Check out any craft or fabric store for items to create almost any decoration you want.


5. Meal plan

One way to save space is to only buy what you need, especially when it comes to food. Never grocery shop when you are hungry because you will buy everything that you are craving and not what you need. You will find that when you meal plan, it will make shopping easier, quicker and cheaper. This leaves you will less items to take up space in your room.