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Ink Hunter makes mark in the digital world

Wanting a tattoo comes with all the standard questions: What should it be? Where should it go? And, most commonly, what if it looks bad?

With the new app Ink Hunter, people can avoid committing to bad ink and see what their tattoo would look like before they actually get it.

Ink Hunter allows users to virtually apply a tattoo to their skin to see the outcome. Its realistic results help to make a decision about where to place their tattoo and what design they want.

With dozens of options available to try, plus the ability to upload your own work, this app is a must for beginner and veteran tattoo-getters. The app features work from popular tattoo artists, such as those from Elvira Savchuk, Nickolai Jitenko and Toma Tmina, while also offering temporary tattoo templates from businesses such as Montattoo, Inkwear and Inkbox.

According to the app’s Facebook page, “Unlike other services, InkHunter, using augmented reality, allowing user to see the tattoo through the screen of smartphone directly on the body from different angles in real-time mode.”

In order to start, the user must draw a square smile on their skin where they think they want the tattoo to be placed, then use their phone’s camera to take a picture of it. Users are then given the ability to edit the tattoo, adjust the angle, size and shape or change the tattoo altogether. Filters are also available for user editing in case they find any edits in contrast, lightness or opacity necessary.

Users can then save it to their phone and either share it with family and friends via social media or go out and show a real tattoo artist that this is the tattoo for them.

Ink Hunter was developed by a team of four from Kyiv, Ukraine. Oleksandra Rohachova is the reigning CEO of the small business, Pavlo Razumovskyi acts as the CTO, Iryna Petrunko is the user experience and user interface developer of the team and Olesya Ponomarenko is the iOS developer.

“Our goal — build simple and straight way from an idea of making tattoo — to real one,” according to Ink Hunter’s website.

The app is currently only available on iOS devices for free, however the creators are looking to expand and release versions for both Android and Windows phones.