ULS requires overflow room

Tickets are sold out for the Marshall Student Center Ballroom’s 1,000 seats for the University Lecture Series (ULS) scheduled Tuesday. 

“We expected the ballroom to sell out based on the success of Brandon Stanton’s lectures at other campuses,” Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Coordinator Athena Bressack said in an email with The Oracle. “This led us to prepare ahead by creating a ticketing process for the lecture.”

The tickets were given out to 640 students, 100 student guests and 185 community members. The other 75 are saved by CSI.
With all of the seats in the Ballroom already filled, CSI set up a livestream of the lecture to be broadcast in the Oval Theater to open 700 addition seats for students and community members who want to see the lecture. 

“These seats were originally set aside for students only, but due to the slower response to the livestream, we have begun distributing these tickets to student guests and community members as well,” Bressack said in an email with The Oracle. “At this time, we still have over 500 seats in the Oval Theater available for those who show up the day of the lecture, and we will be distributing tickets to those in line.”

The lecture is expected to focus on Stanton’s experiences as a photographer and storyteller through the development of his photo blog, Humans of New York, in 2010. Stanton is known for taking photos of people around New York City and posting them with a quote or short story of that person.

“Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York have a universal message that appeals to a wide range of people,” Bressack said in an email with The Oracle. “Students connect with the stories he shares through his photographs, which is a big draw to this event.”