Student body president- and vice president-elect confirmed

Tuesday morning, after a contentious election season in Student Government (SG), Chris Griffin and Alec Waid were confirmed as student body president- and vice president-elect, respectively.

According to Waid, of the two remaining grievances that stood in the way of the ticket’s confirmation, one was dismissed without going to trial and the other was thrown out after the trial yielded no evidence to support the accusation.

The first grievance involved an alleged bribe offered to another presidential ticket in December 2015 before campaigning began.

Waid and Griffin were cited for “spreading rumors and slander.” However, in the investigative hearings conducted by the SG Judiciary and Ethics Committee, it was revealed Griffin immediately contacted SG administration upon being approached and later made aware by the bribers that another ticket had allegedly accepted the money.

When another trial, held Monday, failed to uncover evidence to confirm such a bribe existed and found no evidence to suggest the two now-elect candidates had been involved in anything beyond an official capacity, the grievance was thrown out.

The second grievance involved allegations of a mobile polling station, which are strictly disallowed, according to the SG Election Rules Commission.

SG Attorney General Richard LaMura petitioned to have the grievance thrown out, and the grievance was eventually dismissed.

Tuesday, the SG Supreme Court released an opinion that cleared the pair to officially take the positions.

Waid said he and Griffin are getting to work quickly, and they will begin planning for their cabinet right away. 

The tentative date for their swearing-in ceremony is April 21.