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Undercut hair tattoos: the latest trend

Old hairstyles are constantly coming back into fashion. One of the most recent resurgences — undercut hair tattoos — have taken the already popular undercut style to a new level.

An undercut is the shaven bottom half of one’s head. Undercut hair tattoos, on the other hand, are designs shaven into the undercut that can generally only be seen with short hair or when the person is wearing an updo.

In a post on, “Secret Undercut Tattoos Are the Newest Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram,” Renee Jacques explained that the trend first became popularized on Instagram when pop star Madison Beer uploaded a picture showing off her undercut hair tattoo of a simple triangle design.

 “We’ve seen a bunch of women jumping on the trend, which is easily hidden under your long hair for more conservative occasions,” Jacques said.

The designs range from simple to daring. Some designs are very elaborate and allow wearers a sneaky way to spice up ponytails and updos.

Not only has the hair trend become a popular upload on Instagram, pictures of the hairstyle have also taken over other sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr.

Social media posts include patterns of zigzag-, swirl- and star-shaped undercut hair tattoo designs.

These hair tattoos are the perfect alternative for those considering a real tattoo, but not ready for the permanence.

However, there are concerns regarding this trend due to the need for constant maintenance. Style gurus and social media interns for gave their opinions on the trend.

“I've always wanted an undercut and always seem to chicken out while I'm at the salon, so I'm all about the undercut tattoos,” said Meagan Sapashe, a senior at USF. “They look totally rad and are a great way to express yourself without having to commit to a real tattoo.”

Others, though, had a slightly different view on the trend.

“Personally, it doesn't fit into my style, but I think for those that are artistic, it shows their creativity,” Alessa Solien, a senior majoring in communications, said.

The fad isn’t for everyone, but like the best flashes in the pan, it’ll be fun while it lasts.