Griffin and Waid win SG election, but results not yet finalized

Chris Griffin and Alec Waid celebrate their unofficial election as student body president and vice president. ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU

Student Government (SG) presidential-hopeful Chris Griffin broke into tears Friday after the announcement that he and running mate Alec Waid had gotten the most votes in the student body presidential and vice presidential election.

Griffin and Waid defeated the tickets of Michael Malanga and Taylor Sanchez, and Nicole Hudson and Amanda Hill. 

SG Supervisor of Elections Carson Sadro said she would not release the number of votes each candidate received until Monday.

Before announcing Griffin and Waid's victory, Sadro said the results were not official due to a grievance filed against a member of the ticket.

The grievance is currently going through the SG court system. The results of the court’s decision will determine whether Sadro finalizes Griffin and Waid's victory.

As supporters of the ticket crowded around, Griffin and Waid began a chant to celebrate their victory.

The SG Senate chambers in the Marshall Student Center filled with students waiting to hear the results of the student body general elections held this week. Sadro announced the winners.

Sadro also mentioned that some of the Senate seats would not be finalized until the grievance finished going through the court process, as some of the new elects are involved in the grievance.

The Senate elections saw 11 senators re-elected and 47 fresh faces for a total of 58 total senators across the 10 colleges. One of the two seats in the College of Public Health will fbe determined by a runoff election between candidates Danilo Polanco and Juan Pablo Sanchez.