Furry nails: fashion forward or faux pas?

A new furry fashion trend is taking over the runway and Internet: furry nail art.

During the recent Libertine Fall/Winter 2016 show at New York Fashion Week, Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director of Creative Nail Design (CND), sent models down the runway with fur adorning their nails.

"We were able to embody CND's Fall 2016 trend story, which is all about authenticity, hand-crafted artistry and embracing the beauty in raw imperfections," Arnold said in a press release, according to Today.com.

CND is one of the most well-known name brands of nail polish, with thousands of stunning colors and designs for both manicures and pedicures. Founded in 1979, CND has expanded from its beginnings in a dentist’s office to being a name brand in over 65 countries worldwide.

It seems this furry nail art is famous for all the wrong reasons on the web. Intrigued and somewhat confused, bloggers have taken to social media to discuss the impracticality of fur nails. Many asked how you do simple activities from washing your hands to eating Cheetos.

Obviously there are a few downsides to the fur, as it doesn’t seem very practical. But then again, sometimes fashion requires sacrifice.

This was not the only new nail trend seen on the Libertine runway. In the same show, Libertine models wore big jewelry in the shape of eyes on their nails that fit into a recurring theme of the show.

“We sculpted 180 eyes that will be accessorized on a base palette of pinks and blues and bright yellows, and then we have, oh, about 15 different sets of these flossy, fluffy nails in white and taupe color ,” Roxanne Valinoti, a CND education manager, said at the show in an interview with beauty blog Lipstick Lifestyle.

Many people have tried duplicating the furry nail look, with each attempt more elaborate than the next, as some people have even used human hair instead of faux fur.

In order to get the furry nail style, all that is need is, preferably, a bottle of neutral-colored nail polish, a bottle of clear polish and some faux fur to press on while the clear coat dries. Mix and match different colors and furs to create a unique look.

The furry nail art trend has not yet picked up support on Instagram, unlike other crazy nail art trends such as bubble nails and aquarium nails. But who know what the future holds for furry nails and the designers of CND.

CND will continue to push the envelope when it comes to over-the-top nail designs.

“The nails this season are probably our best, yet,” CND Libertine Design Lead Heather Davis told Lipstick Lifestyle. “I don’t think we’ve done anything quite like this. They are graphic, they are bold, they are just a little bit too much, but still very classic, just like Libertine, just like CND is.”

Is the furry nail trend fashion forward, or is it just another faux pas that will pass?