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Frat offers puppies and dates for charity

Kappa Sigma fraternity’s fourth annual Bachelor Auction will be held at the USF School of Music Concert Hall Thursday night with all proceeds going to the Fisher House Foundation for veterans.

USF’s chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity is upping the ante on its annual philanthropy. The fourth annual Kappa Sigma Bachelor Auction will be followed by a puppy run to round out Kappa Sigma Week. 

The puppy run will be held Friday in Greek Village and  will feature puppies brought in by both fraternity members and the Humane Society.

The puppies will be available for visitors to run or play with. The event is open to the public, with the hopes that people will donate to the Humane Society. 

This year, the auction will be held in the USF School of Music Concert Hall.

The Bachelor Auction will feature an estimated 30 bachelors being auctioned off to bidders along with date packages to events such as dinner cruises and comedy shows. 

During the auction, the bachelors will try to win over prospective buyers by singing, dancing and parading around the stage shirtless. 

The money raised from the auction will go toward the Fisher House Foundation, which provides housing to veterans and their families. Last year the fraternity brought in nearly $3,000 for the Foundation. 

Doors open for the Bachelor Auction at 7 p.m., with tickets available upon arrival for $5.