Committee to hear further testimony

A meeting of the Student Government (SG) Judiciary and Ethics Committee (JEC) was held Tuesday to hear testimony regarding a grievance filed against Judelande Jeune and Wes Viola, former candidates for the student body presidential and vice presidential race.

SG Senate President Pro-Tempore Danish Hasan, the grievance’s author, gave testimony in a Q&A session with the committee members.

Alec Waid, a vice presidential candidate and running mate of SG Sen. Chris Griffin, was also heard during the proceeding, which was closed to the public.

In a recording furnished to the Oracle by Student Government Advising, Training and Operations Director Gary Manka, per the state’s Sunshine laws, the committee questioned each individual regarding claims made in the grievance and in evidence presented.

No conclusive evidence was presented at the meeting, though further evidence may be recognized at the next JEC meeting today.

Jeune was not present, though JEC chairman Aladdin Hiba requested a statement from her, which was read during the meeting.

Hiba also requested statements from SG Supervisor of Elections Carson Sadro, Jeune and Viola’s campaign manager Maggie Hall, former-SG Attorney General Alex Johnson and SG Sen. Ralph Herz.

The JEC will hear more testimony at today’s 7 p.m. meeting.