Letter to the Editor: From the voices of the USF Community: We do welcome Trump to our campus.

In the past view days, as news has spread that Donald Trump is coming to our great campus, many students and employees have shared their disdain for Mr. Trump.

This is ok. However, just because the things Mr. Trump says offend a group of students, we, as a community, must remember that we go to a public University and all opinions are welcomed. Instead of quieting a voice we don't agree with, we should use it to educate others and ourselves.

The University of South Florida prides itself on providing a top class education. Education doesn't come in the form of just classroom activities. Education can happen at any time, at any place.

Education isn't just about the knowledge you hold or the facts you can recite from that Survey of Jazz class you took. Education is about the experiences you have. The University provides great experiences for everyone in the USF community. That is exactly what this is: another experience. Sure, it may turn out not to be the best speech to cite for a paper, but education expands beyond that. 

If Mr. Trump decided not to come to USF or USF decided to dictate the political views that we experience, this week would have just been another week that students go to class, professors have office hours, and that crazy guy stands by Cooper Hall screaming at everyone.

However, this is not the case. Just the thought of Trump coming here has sparked debates and discussions all around campus, and the topic of these discussions reach farther than just Trump coming to the Sun Dome.

This is where the chance of becoming more educated is presented. We should take this unique opportunity to have a celebrity, successful businessman, and Presidential candidate coming to our campus to become more educated individuals.

Are you researching subjects Trump talks about on the campaign trail? Are you researching other candidates so that you don't have to vote for Trump? Are you explaining to a friend the different stances each candidate has, after they mentioned how great it would be to build a wall or how bad it is to ban all Muslims?

Well, guess what? USF has accomplished its goal of enriching our education. Trump coming to USF is an educational experience for all, and for all in different ways.

Take this opportunity to improve your education, your friends’ education and the education of all the USF community. Don’t take this opportunity to silence someone else’s opinion just because it is in direct conflict with yours.

Larry Roop is a junior majoring in nursing.