Arrest Made for Battery in Greek Village

After a series of flashers were reported last semester, the USF Tampa campus seemed to have leaned back into a state of calm once again. However, this calm did not last.

On Saturday a female student was harassed by a man identified later as Joe Aoj Carter, a former USF student.

As the female student was unpacking her vehicle in the Greek Village parking lot, a man approached her asking where to purchase an umbrella. The female student began giving directions to the USF Bookstore when the male grabbed her by the waist and kissed her cheek.

She tried to run away, but he grabbed her by the waist again. The male suspect finally let go and ran away in the direction of the Greek Village pool. Upon further investigation of the scene, police were unable to locate the suspect, but Carter was identified and arrested by USF Police Tuesday at noon.

Despite this situation and others preceding it, residents of Greek Village remain calm.

“I personally feel safe on campus, and I’ve never had an incident myself on campus,” junior Stephanie Swisher, President of the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, said.

Swisher went on to say, as a student and a female, that she takes extra care to remain cautious, and believes the Emergency Blue Lights around campus help her feel safe and thinks there should be more.

“There definitely aren’t enough blue lights in Greek Village just because it is so big and with the parking lots, I think there could be more.”