A letter to our readers

Since 1966, The Oracle has diligently reported on the University of South Florida. In that time, we have sought to bring the best news coverage directly to the students. 

As we continue toward that goal, we must accept that more readers are looking to their smartphone, tablet and computer for daily news updates. And as we look to the future, we are determined to reach more students with increased emphasis on our digital coverage.

Beginning Jan. 11 — the first day of the spring semester — The Oracle will print a physical newspaper twice a week, Monday and Thursday, but will continue with daily coverage on our digital platforms. The Oracle’s new mobile app and website will include fresh news and video content, as our staff will continue to report and write throughout the week.

The Oracle’s mobile app went live in November, and we hope to focus more energy than before to improve our digital product to make it appealing and competitive with other online news sources.

We have always covered breaking stories online, and our commitment to news remains unchanged, but with more readers looking to their smartphones for daily news, we want to strengthen our connection with students through our app and website.

On the Internet, usforacle.com will be the premier source for on-campus news, editorials, sports updates and all the content you care about, without exception. The new mobile app, USF Oracle, is available on iTunes and in the Google Play store. The app has a user-friendly interface that works very much like the website. 

We want to be the main source of information for the campus community. But we need to hear from you to make that possible, so comment on stories, Facebook message or tweet us and make your voice heard. The Oracle welcomes students from all majors to contribute, and with a greater online presence, we will remain a forum for diverse voices and opinions.

Keep an eye out for push notifications. We will be ready to meet you where you are: in print and on all your mobile devices.

Grace Hoyte is a junior majoring in English literature and the Editor in Chief.