The most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is by far the most anticipated holiday for people across the globe. Children and adults alike are swept up in the magic of the season as heartwarming traditions mark the most wonderful time of the year. 

For the entire month leading up to the holiday, people pile into their cars with thermoses of hot chocolate and peruse local neighborhoods to look at the majestic lights on display. Whether it’s a twinkling forest perfectly timed to Christmas music or flashing reindeer pulling a neon sleigh carrying Santa and his toys, lights always succeed at capturing viewers’ awe and evoking a multitude of smiles. 

Christmas also encourages a warm and cozy atmosphere. People spend hours adorning a tree with shiny decorations and those ornaments you made in elementary school with Popsicle sticks and macaroni that your mom just couldn’t throw away, even though they look more like a colorful lump than a manger scene. 

While the cold wind or — as the case may be in Florida — mildly chilly breeze whips around the house, friends pile up on the couch and drink coffee or hot chocolate while watching Christmas favorites like “Elf” or “A Christmas Story.” The fact that you’ve seen it 50 times in no way dissuades you from nearly choking on your eggnog in laughter when Flick gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole.

Santa’s cookies and milk are proudly displayed in the living room while children gather around the fireplace to read the hauntingly beautify tales of “A Christmas Carol” and “The Polar Express.” Despite growing up, you still let Tiny Tim grip your heart as you vigorously plead for his survival. 

Christmas not only has a plethora of touching books and movies, but also comes with its very own soundtrack to match the widespread cheer. While some argue over the appropriate time to begin listening to the festive tunes -— which is ridiculous because everyone knows it’s never to early to jam to “Feliz Navidad” –— nearly everyone is in agreement they are one of the best parts of the holiday.

Without a doubt, the best part of Christmas is the time spent with loved ones. You have one day a year to gather together and bask in the warmth that is only found in the presence of those you cherish. Stockings are hung and cookies are baked as people prepare to celebrate with friends and family. 

Laughs are frequent and tears are few as people gather together by the tree on Christmas morning. Gifts are passed around and in spite of getting a Barbie for the 20th year in a row from Aunt Bessie you can’t keep from enjoying the love emitted by those sitting around you. 

While the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are definitely great, nothing can match the warmth of Christmas day. Spending time with loved ones while decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters is literally the epitome of happiness. You can keep your turkey and football; my countdown clock will forever be set to December 25.


Breanne Williams is a junior majoring in mass communications.