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Theater fundraiser sells costumes for Halloween

The Theater department will be selling costumes from past performances today and Friday. The sale will take place in the Theatre II lobby and only card is accepted. ORACLE PHOTO/MIKI SHINE

With Halloween rapidly approaching, finding the ideal costume is high on students’ to-do lists. 

Whether it’s acquiring the time or the money, choosing a getup for Halloween is not an easy task. Fortunately for USF students, the costume department of the School of Theatre and Dance will be selling authentic costumes used in theater production to interested students willing to fork over a few dollars.

The costume department’s sale will take place today from 3 to 7 p.m. and Friday from noon to 8 p.m. The sale will be held found in the lobby of Theatre II, which sits between the Contemporary Art Museum and Theatre I near the Marshall Student Center. All sales are final, and costumes can be purchased with credit and debit cards only. The profits from the sale will go directly toward the theater department and aid in budgeting.

Alice Fay, a senior studying costume design, is playing a major role in the sale. She said the costume department has had the idea to clean out costume storage since last semester.

“I really wanted to help purge our storage. That way, we can really know what’s in there and give us kind of a fresh start,” Fay said. 

To manage costume inventory, she said the sale will offer various costume pieces along with everyday clothing. This is the most recent sale the costume department has held in several years. If thrift shopping is your thing, everyday wear will be sold in the price range of $1 to $10 which is the ideal opportunity to get a deal on gently worn clothing. Accounting for almost 3-4 sales racks, suits will also be available at discounted prices and could be a great buy for men hoping to look their best. 

 “You can find stuff for your own wardrobe as well as a costume,” said Fay.

The costumes available for purchase are period costumes that have been handmade by students for a specific person or role. As opposed to store-bought pieces, each of the costume is unique, Fay said. 

Numerous items are offered from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which included costumes made of leather with a futuristic theme. Among other styles, flouncy skirts and corsets, Renaissance and Gothic-themed costumes are also in abundance. For these costumes crafted by USF students, the prices range from $25 to $35. 

Attending this sale is not only a great way to find a unique Halloween costume, but it also gives back directly to the School of Theatre and Dance at USF.