Bulls ‘Wild ‘N Out’ at comedy show

Comedian Nick Cannon hosted the Stampede Comedy Show Tuesday night with the support of the cast of his improv comedy show “Wild ‘N Out.” 

This was their first stop on the show’s tour and the first time the group has performed on a university campus.

Cannon opened the show by rewriting his own introduction, which sounded more personal than the prepared one before moving into the set.

“Some of these dances y’all be doin’ are too much for me. I came in a time when people were at the parties doing the tough dances. You know, doing the Crip Walk. Now they be coming on, being the tough dude out there. 

“He come in here goin’, ‘Hey, hey, hey,’” Cannon said as he gyrated his hips and threw his hands over his head.

He then stepped aside for the rest of the cast, including stand-up comedians like Matt Rife, Rip Michaels, Corey Holcomb and Karlous Miller, who kept the show moving with their own routines.

They each performed for about 20 minutes with Cannon providing short transitions between each set.

“Tampa is really a beautiful place,” Rife said. “I came one other time to visit family, and some friends took me to this place called (Ybor) — very gay, very gay — which is cool, that’s just not safe for somebody who looks like me. It’s so gay, I even saw a gay stop sign in (Ybor). It had like ten O’s. Stoooooooop. I am not stopping there.”

Between off-color jokes, the comedians did try to share some advice such as the importance of safe sex and the value in becoming friends with people of different races and backgrounds.

“I want to talk to y’all for a little bit because this is something that I realize that some of you black ladies don’t realize: Y’all have a problem with having relationships with each other,” Michaels said. “You need to stick with some of these white girls. Y’all have something that I never had in college, what I call Caucasian Capability.”

He talked about how people of different races could help each other, take care of each other and learn about each other’s cultures.

The final stretch of the show brought all five of the comedians onto the stage, along with several students from the audience to play a couple of improv games from “Wild ‘N Out.” They started with a game called Family Reunion.

The group stayed on stage and split in half to create two teams who rapped against each other. The students readily jumped in with the performers, making fun of them as well as each other. 

The show ended with Cannon take a selfie with the crowd for his Instagram account.