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Advice from upperclassmen for freshmen

College is a time when many opportunities will consistently present themselves to the students on campus. However, it is also a time when many newcomers may find difficulty getting adjusted to campus life, expanding their social circles or getting involved within the community. 

It’s a difficult hurdle to overcome, but many students on campus have had similar obstacles.  

“The number one thing I had trouble with is solidifying my study habits and making sure you understand (during) freshman year how to advance in your classes, and that’s something I really had a problem with,” Jonathan Pajack said.

Ensuring proper study habits is the best way to succeed academically. Being ahead of time is always better than being late.

“Not to get too overwhelmed joining new organizations. There’s a lot out there, but just take your time and find what you really want to do which will give you the best experience,” Lara Cook said.

There are many organizations on campus to choose from. Finding the perfect one is difficult, but don’t become overwhelmed by joining more organizations than needed.

“Many of the things USF promotes through (Week of Welcome) really help students get involved. Even though being involved sounds very cliche, it does help with networking, expanding your friends, as well as getting involved in the USF culture. Also, having a bike is the fastest way to travel on campus,” Kmari Ross said.

Getting involved through Week of Welcome events is a great “foot-in-the-door” opportunity for all students, and will be a great introduction to the USF community. Having a bicycle for transportation is also a healthy and active choice to getting around campus.

“The campus isn’t as big as it looks, it’s huge when you first start off but after a while it’ll get smaller. Don’t be afraid to approach people because everyone here is really nice,” Roger Vassel said.

While it will take some time getting adjusted, make sure to utilize all resources available on campus. The map placed around campus, as well as the MyUSF Mobile app will be the best tools to navigating USF. 

“Make sure to go out and meet the people on your floor, participate in any events that your resident assistants put on and definitely have a good time, don’t be afraid to try new things,” Dylan Barr said.

The best way to genuinely meet people as well as get involved starts at home. The residence halls make for a great location to begin building relationships, as well as to discover new opportunities that are available on campus. 

In short, the best experiences will be made by trying new things and being active in the community. Ensure proper study habits while focusing on academics, getting involved but not too involved, and enjoying the USF