Elected SG senator accused of using TA position for votes

Yet another Student Government (SG) senator is under scrutiny for campaign violations.

Muma College of Business student Anika Hasan was in her second term running for senate this year, and she won. However, her campaigning technique is being criticized.

An email Hasan sent to members of the college has been brought forward to the Election Rules Commission in which Hasan points out she is “a TA for Business and Econ Statistics II.” One student brought the email to the attention of SG supervisor of elections John Quiroz, who filed the grievance against her.

Quiroz claimed she “used (her) position as a teaching assistant to benefit (her) own personal campaign.”

Though there is not a way to say if her statement actually effected any change in voting patterns, it is not impossible, as she sent the above mentioned message directly to members of the Business and Econ Statistics II class via Canvas. 

The request for a trial came before the SG Supreme Court at the end of March, where it was voted in favor of, with the trial set for April 16. 

“The case is not moot yet,” Chief Justice Daniel Shapiro said. At the trial, Hasan will have a chance to speak in her own defense.

Hasan did not respond to The Oracle’s request for comment.