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Classic Games Remade for Spring Break

Every once in a while, its nice to watch a movie you’ve watched a hundred times. But to revisit a favorite video game often means hooking up an old console or blowing off a dusty cartridge. Luckily, recent releases allows gamers to revisit familiar worlds with updated graphics for the latest consoles.


“Grand Theft Auto 5”

It may be winter, but it is always sunny in Los Santos. Rereleased with updated graphics and new content for the new console generation, “Grand Theft Auto 5” is worth revisiting.

Players take on the lives of three criminals from different worldviews. Michael is a bank robber who can’t get the empathy of his son or therapist without first writing a check. Franklin is a hustler who can’t see a way out of the ghetto without stealing cars or dealing drugs. Trevor is a man who wants to watch the world burn, but hates it when his rebellion gets him labeled as a hipster.

Based on Los Angeles, the game is a satire of modern culture. Players explore the world where CEOs brag about employing children all over the world, hippies whine about fat-free yogurt that contains lactose and witnesses pull out their phones not to call the cops, but to upload a photo of the crime to social media.

Gamers can also sightsee the sandbox online with friends. A free update is expected in the coming weeks that will allow up to four friends to plan heists, such as commandeering a yacht, stealing artifacts from a military base and drilling into a bank vault.


“Dragon Ball Xenoverse”

After 30 years, the Dragon Ball universe continues to immerse fans in its story through films, comics, television and video games. The latest game is the first of the new console generation.

Players can battle over 120 characters in multiplayer, allowing them to relive classic fights from the show or even see how Cell would’ve fared against Majin Buu.

In single player, players create their own hero who travels with Future Trunks through time to fix a broken past. Characters will fight through alternate universes where Goku never made it off Namek or if Cell overpowered Gohan’s Kamehameha.

The fighting mechanics are similar to previous games, but skilled combos are more rewarded than button mashing when destroying the open area arenas, whether on ground, in the air or under water.  


“The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D”

Alongside a recently released upgraded Nintendo 3DS is a re-mastered version of an under appreciated classic that sang the swan song of the Nintendo 64.

Released only two years after Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask distinguishes itself with a dark atmosphere, uncanny characters and an inseparable connection between time and mortality.

While Link solves puzzles, slays dungeon bosses and solves the mystery of a haunted toilet, there is always an on-screen clock ticking down the 72 hours until the end of the world.

Link only has to look up to see a moon with red eyes and a Cheshire smile, patiently waiting to engulf the town and its people in flames. 


“Halo: The Master Chief Collection”

Gamers can also relive, or experience for the first time, the game that put Xbox on the map. The collection features remastered versions of all four of Master Chief’s adventures.

As players explore the massive alien landscapes of the first and second games, they can switch on-the-fly between the original graphics and the overhauled textures and lighting crafted for the Xbox One. The third and fourth games are also given a minor resolution upgrade. 

Known for its multiplayer, the collection also features all of the 106 original maps. In one lobby, competitors can play capture the flag on Blood Gulch and then play death match on Ascension the very next game.