Bond-esque ‘Kingsman’ charms audiences

Few movies have the capacity to be introspective while remaining well made and original. When spy movies hit theaters, the immediate comparison made by most moviegoers is James Bond.

The newest film in that category, “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” which opened Friday, accomplishes this realism and keeps the pace regardless. The movie doesn’t shy away from allusion to the more famous espionage agent.

Taron Egerton stars as “Eggsy” Unwin, a London youth, whose life kicks into overdrive when his late father’s colleague appears to recruit him for a spy agency. This agency, a brotherhood known as Kingsman, is investigating a billionaire known as Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who plans to unleash a global weapon on V-day. “And this is the part where I reveal my plan and then come up with an elaborate and convoluted way to kill you,” Valentine jokes.

But the movie steers clear of such obvious Bond cliches, leaving the audience speechless.

Eggsy and a group of fellow Kingsman hopefuls attend a very unique form of training or, in the words of Merlin, their supervisor, “the most dangerous job interview in the world.”

Meanwhile, Valentine embarks on a global kidnapping spree and, inexplicably, maintains the love and adoration of the entire world.

It is up to Harry Hart, Eggsy’s mentor, played by Colin Firth, to investigate and challenge Valentine.

Nearly every second of the movie is action-packed and suspenseful, but the peaceful, domestic moments in London serve to make the spy world that much more appealing.

While most modern trailers seem to spoil the entire plot and reveal every worthwhile scene, “Kingsman” is chock full of humor and intrigue.

Even the punch lines from the trailer are funnier within the context of the film itself. Eggsy tells an imprisoned princess that he’ll “Be right back,” but the trailer makes him sound innocent, while the movie makes him sound funny and sexy — a veritable Bond.

Bringing in over $35 million opening weekend and rated four stars by Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and Common Sense Media, it would be a shame if this movie doesn’t become the first in a series of “Kingsman” features.