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Four apps to keep stress levels low

Students all over campus and the world experience stress on a daily basis. Whether it’s from classes or relationships, everyone has a way to keep stress levels down. There are many ways to prevent stress and stay better organized during the semester. With these options, students will have a better chance of staying on top of those crazy assignments.

Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga 

Relax Melodies can be used in many different ways. Unlike many apps, the app serves a range of purposes, so it can be utilized very individually by the user. The user can mix melodies to create a personalized relaxation tune. Relax Melodies can be used for yoga, meditation or any occasion when the user wants peace. There are over 46 sounds to create the melodies, and a sleep timer so the app will shut down by itself. This app is free and available on the iTunes app store and Google Play.

Smash the Office – Stress Fix 

Smash the Office is another free app on Google Play and iTunes. This app is a great way to remove stress without actually breaking anything in the office. Play as Steve Snaps and tear down the virtual office as much as needed to relieve stress. There are other apps created by the game designer Tuokio Oy, including Smash the Mall and Smash the School. Apps such as Smash the Office are a good way to keep your mind off stressful situations such as late school work, though it is not a substitution for studying and homework.

Stress Buster 

Stress Buster is another stress relieving game but different than Smash the Office. Instead of smashing an office, one can release the anxiety by doodling and popping bubbles. The app contains more than 300 tips on reducing and controlling stress. Stress Buster app and the tips it holds will help one to keep the stress from becoming overwhelming. For years, people have been using bubble wrap to relieve their stress, and Stress Buster recreates that experience with less noise and mess.

Get Out of Stress

Get Out of Stress combines every sense of ridding oneself of anxiety. This app teaches others the symptoms of stress, which will help lower it in the long run. The app also aids in stress relief by showing ways to avoid anxiety and overcome. There is also a section that includes yoga, which has been used to help increase peace and calm for many years. There is a lot of good information on this free app from Google Play and iTunes.