Hoax raises false hope for campus Chipotle

To the likely dismay of many on campus, there are no plans to bring Chipotle on campus within the next year.

Student hopes were foiled after a student’s post on the USF Class of 2018 Facebook group, which received 387 likes and several dozen comments since being posted last week, showed a screenshot of a USF Health news article with the headline “Organic Fast-Food Chain Chipotle To Open Location On USF Campus in October of 2015.”

Comments on the Facebook post included “OMG Chipotle is my life!!!” “This has got to be too good to be true,” “this is great Photoshop,” and “there’s a special place in hell for the people who lie about this…”

Spokespeople at USF Health and University Communications and Marketing put a wrap on the hoax, stating there are currently no plans for a Chipotle location on campus.