Online classes now available for winter

For the first time, USF is offering online classes during the three weeks when students are usually on winter break.

There are five online classes, each worth three credit hours and taught at an accelerated pace. The deadline to apply is Dec. 11. Classes start Dec. 15 and end Jan. 2.

Because of the condensed nature of the curriculum, students may only enroll in one winter session class.

“They’re much more intense than a regular course,” said Stephanie Harff, director of enrollment in innovative education. “Students should expect a considerable amount of time every day logging on and completing assignments.”

Syllabi are available on the USF website for students to get an idea of course expectations.

“HSC 2000: Intro to Health Professions” explains the history of health care and potential careers in the different systems around the world.

“ARH 3001: Intro to Art” explores the process behind and significance of prominent, multicultural works of art. 

“MUH 3016: Survey of Jazz” teaches students how to appreciate the art form for both its musical merit and its historical roots.

“MUS 4390: Music Culture: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll” examines how the three topics reflected and shaped popular culture since the rise of counter culture after WWII.

“ANT 4930: Intro to 3D Printing for the Cultural and Natural Sciences” introduces students to the process behind 3D technology and its future use with different industries.

As the winter session is technically a part of the spring semester, payment is combined with spring courses and isn’t due until Jan. 9.

A winter class costs $783.57 for Florida students and $1,875.03 for non-residents. This includes a $50 distance-learning fee. 

Harff said winter classes are ideal for working students who need a flexible schedule or eager students looking to get ahead.