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Fox News sends wrong message to women


Fox News is by no means a stranger to unabashed and shameless sexism. Actually, the controversial news station often finds itself in the public’s crosshairs for acting as a proponent of archaic, disparaging and bigoted, misogynist thought. 

Recently, Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle articulated her degrading and vulgar perspective on a young woman’s place in American society during the Fox News program, ‘The Five.’ While discussing the impact of young female voters in the upcoming elections, Guilfoyle lightheartedly quipped, “It’s the same reason why young women on juries are not a good idea. They don’t get it!”  

Unfortunately, her crude mockery of women didn’t end there as she added, “I just think: excuse them so they can go back on Tinder or” Essentially, Guilfoyle’s message is that young woman have neither the knowledge nor acumen to make informed decisions, and should therefore waive their civic duties in favor of being consumed with Tinder and online dating websites. 

It should be of no shock or surprise that a Fox News talking head would target single, young women, especially considering it was a
segment on the consistently liberal voting habits of that demographic. 

Regardless, Guilfoyle’s words are a flagrant smack in the face to all of the eager and politically cognizant young women who choose to exercise their rights and participate on juries and in elections. It should go without saying that such inaccurate and sweeping generalizations have absolutely no place on television, or anywhere else for that matter.

But not only do the comments encourage sexism, they also contain anti-democratic undertones. The logic of a democracy is that all citizens engage in the political process equally. 

Consequently, all groups and demographics of people are uniformly represented. Encouraging a whole sector of the population not to vote fundamentally undermines the philosophy and ideology behind a democratic government. 

Although Guilfoyle’s words were likely intended to be a joke, a woman who possesses a position of influence like hers has a responsibility to advocate and motivate young women to vote, notdissuade them from getting involved. 

Ultimately, the unintelligent and sexist banter that often rears its ugly head on Fox News’ programs serves as a perfect illustration of the attitudes and beliefs women have been struggling against throughout much of history. 

Hearing such drivel in the context of a 21st century talk show reveals just how little progress we have actually made. Furthermore, such instances should serve as a reminder that we still need to continue to make strides toward equality.