Trends to fall into

April Durrett, senior majoring in management. ORACLE PHOTO / ADAM MATHIEU 

For the time being, Floridians have to wait for sweater weather to kick in, but they can still enjoy some of the street styles seen in Fashion Week. Royal blue, rich chocolate and sangria shades are the colors to look out for while revamping your wardrobe for the fall. 


• Think matchy-matchy this season. Co-ords, an outfit consisting of a top and bottom that have matching prints or matching solid colors, have gone from “do not” to “must have,” breathing new life into a long-forgotten 90s trend. If it’s too much for you, they can be paired with different items, or there is always the option to buy solid pieces, such as all black. “Clueless” fans, it’s your time to shine.

• The chunkier the heel, the better. Who needs to hobble around on stilettos, anyway? A lace up ankle boot allows you to bring out your inner grunge girl. Go for something shiny when you shop because patent leather is on the up and up.

• Blazers have always been “in” for the fall, so let’s not forget the schoolboy blazer; a more flexible fabric that also allows flexibility with your wardrobe. It’s the easiest blazer to dress down, and still gives you a touch of sophistication.

• Celebrate your inner minimalist. The look mainly consists of black, white and gray but should still be done carefully. This modern classic is one of the most tasteful looks, for nothing is more elegant than sleek simplicity. 


• The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time, but the fall is exceptionally good. Aside from the previously suggested colors, experiment with orange hues as well as cypress green. Pair it with dark denim and you have your look.

• If you want to try something other than combat boots, get a pair of desert boots. They have more delicate stitching and are typically seen in suede. The laces do not go up to the ankle, but stop rather abruptly after a couple of loopholes. It’s a lighter shoe for the warmer weather.

• Comfort and style make a perfect collision with men’s jogger pants. Having a lazy day can give you that “effortless look” that says you just threw it on, yet it coordinates well with some of your nicer shirts. 

• A boxy-fit plaid T-shirt should be a strong candidate next time you shop. It screams fall without the need for the layers. Dark colors and a pattern with bigger, thinner boxes go away from the lumberjack look and toward Paris runway.

Just because the weather does not reach the typical fall expectation, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the biggest trending patterns, colors and occasionally thin layering.