Bringing fall to Florida

Though the heat and humidity may make it feel otherwise, today is officially autumn. While the rest of the country is bundling up and raking leaves, Floridians are still in flip-flops, seeking air conditioning. For those who miss the colors of fall, the nip in the air and the overall feeling the season inspires, there are various ways to bring that magic to a tropical climate. 


Smells have the power to transform spaces with just a whiff and fall is prime scented candle season. Candles that smell like cinnamon, spice and everything nice can freshen up any space and give a room the feeling of fall. For those unable to use candles, several air fresheners also come in fall inspired scents to turn a dorm into a cozy autumn getaway. 


It may be too hot for anything other than shorts and tank tops, but just because sweaters and scarves are not necessary doesn’t mean they can’t be worn. Light sweaters can be worn quite comfortably indoors and out, and can be very nice to have around in chilly lecture halls. Airy silk or sheer scarves can be worn with everything from jackets to tank tops and can be a very versatile accessory that signifies the season. 

Home decor 

With fall comes the changing of the leaves from bright green to rich, warm colors. The same makeover can happen indoors. Craft stores such as Michaels sell fake fall leaves and season-inspired wreaths with dark autumn foliage that can bring the beauty of a fall forest into any apartment. Grocery stores also sell small gourds, flint corn and cinnamon brooms to decorate with. Changing bedspreads or throw pillows to fall colors can also go a long way in bringing the season a bit closer. 

All pumpkin everything 

Spring and summer don’t really come with their own flavor, but fall does. From pumpkin pie to the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, there’s no escaping the pumpkin-flavored madness that comes with fall, but who really wants to? It would be very easy to parody the famous scene from “Forest Gump” by listing the number of tasty pumpkin treats only available in the fall that should be taken advantage of before they disappear for another year. It can be easy to go overboard with such items as pumpkin-flavored gum, but pumpkin spice pastries or teas are completely reasonable. To combat the heat, brew pumpkin flavored coffee over ice and add milk and sugar to taste.