WUSF to help Bulls Radio rebrand, expand

Bulls Radio is partnering with WUSF to bring new resources to the student radio.

With a new contract in place, Bulls Radio and WUSF will now partner up to rebrand USF’s student-run radio station.

The three-year contract with WUSF, which went in to effect at the beginning of the month, will provide Bulls Radio staff and volunteers with more guidance from career professionals, quicker emergency response and assistance in developing a new website. As part of the contract, Bulls Radio, previously 88.5 HD2, will now broadcast on 89.7 HD3.

For Bulls Radio Director Zachary Kuiper, switching broadcast providers from WMNF 88.5FM to WUSF was “a no-brainer.”

“It seemed to be the natural progression,” Kuiper said. “When I came into this position, it was kind of baffling that we weren’t working with WUSF already. They were within walking distance … and they genuinely want to help out … they are taking our station under their wing.”

WUSF General Manager Joann Urofsky agreed the partnership seemed to be the obvious choice and said she is excited WUSF will now have more opportunities to reach USF students.

“The staff over (at Bulls Radio) are just so dedicated to Bulls Radio and to the students and we share that DNA,” she said. “We love USF and we love to hire USF graduates if we can, so we really want to help (Bulls Radio) in any way we can.”

As part of a directive from Student Government, Bulls Radio is currently working with WUSF to create a five-year plan for the station.

At the forefront of the new partnership will be increasing Bulls Radio’s connection to students through student outreach at events and two new student internships at WUSF.

“Whether it’s more student-run shows, more local artists, events around the area, we just want be more integrated into social media and be a resource to students on campus,” Kuiper said.

Bulls Radio staff also hope to work with WUSF to get a smartphone application in the near future.

Urofsky said she believes a smartphone application would help Bulls Radio reach more students and aid them in their ultimate goal of being more relevant to the USF community.

“Students aren’t listening to HD radio unless they have a new car with a new system, but even then they are more into using their smartphones,” Urofsky said. “We want to be able to advise Bulls Radio on developing an app so they can really reach out to students.” 

Kuiper said Bulls Radio will host an official re-launching event for the station in the coming weeks, though an exact date has not yet been scheduled.

Bulls Radio DJs will be featured at Week of Welcome events across campus including Bull’s Bash and the Hot Dog You’re Back barbecue.