Faculty union reaches bargaining agreement

Though representatives from the USF Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida and the university declared an impasse in April with neither side seeming to budge, after more than a year of negotiations, an agreement was reached with university administrators for a three-year contract.

The agreement followed over a year and a half of bargaining that resulted in an impasse late April. The university rejected the faculty union’s request for a 2.5 percent base salary increase and a one time 2.5 percent bonus. The union also rejected the university’s offer for a 2.5 percent base salary increase with a 1 percent discretionary raise given for merit.

The contract will be presented to the Board of Trustees upon ratification by faculty. 

Once the new agreement goes into effect, faculty who satisfy annual performance evaluations will qualify for a 4 percent salary increase. New hires without an evaluation will not receive the raise. A 1 percent discretionary raise that university can distribute at its preference is also included.

Additionally, the contract included an updated sick leave buy-pack program. Faculty may opt for a one-time cash payment up front instead of receiving cash from the university for accrued sick leave upon quitting the university. Faculty may no longer donate sick leave to other faculty who request additional days.

“Although this has been one of the longest negotiation processes in a decade, I’m delighted that we have been able to successfully resolve the issues and come to an agreement,” USF President Judy Genshaft said in a letter to faculty last week. 

The contract will remain in effect until  2017. However, salaries may be renegotiated in the second and third year of the agreement. 

— Staff report