Police warn students of bank scammers

University Police issued an alert Wednesday advising students of two suspects who solicited access to student bank accounts.

UP Public Information Officer Lt. Charlotte Domingo said the suspects approached students claiming to need help cashing a check because they had no access to a personal bank account.

The suspects would ask to use the student’s account to deposit the fraudulent check and withdraw the supposed amount, resulting in a loss for the victim.

“There’s no legitimate reason for somebody to ask you to make a deposit into your account and then withdraw money back out,” Domingo said. “That’s a real red flag of fraud.”

The first report was received May 2, and the second report was received Wednesday morning. Domingo said a third report might also relate to the suspects.

A press release sent out by Domingo stated one suspect is a black male last seen driving a red Mazda SUV, and the other suspect is a black female last seen driving a white SUV. It is unknown whether the two suspects are associated.

The suspects also offered students a ride in their car, police said.

“Be aware of your surroundings, use good personal safety,” Domingo said. “If anyone approaches, don’t get in the car with them, back out of the situation to a place of safety, call 911 and let us know.”

— Staff report