Stepping into spring fashion by visiting the past


Though the Florida winter was longer than normal, scarves and sweaters are no longer needed with spring finally making its arrival.

This season welcomes pastels, European inspirations, unique hemlines and, surprisingly, overalls. Paired with a brief history are a few trends that have reawakened with a contemporary zest in 2014, possessing the casual flair made just for college students.




Wide-legged trousers for women, or flares, first became a trend in the ’20s post WWII. The pants really took off during the hippie movement of the ’60s as a symbol of female rebellion. Now they are making their way back with a new, comfortable twist. In an effort to inspire a more relaxed look, the revival offers selections inspired by Indian and African fabrics with an endless array of patterns.


Overalls weren’t always for fashion fun. They were originally the garments of the working class in the early 1900s. But they made a comeback in the fashion world in the 1990s. The nostalgia may kick in for some as the reappearance of a craze that many students probably experienced in elementary school strikes again. But the return comes with a new twist, as many come with modish updates that keep us from looking like we are back on the playground. 


Influenced by medieval French nobility, the pointy-toed shoes that were originally known as “Winklepickers,” became a hit with British Rock and Roll fans in the ’50s. Though they are no longer as pointy, pointed-toe flats still bring a sharp finish to your outfit. 


The hotter Floridian climate not only brings about shorter hemlines, but also hemlines of a different cut. Once again, the ’20s provide us with more ingenuity: the scallop hemlines, used as a finish for lace, were for making skirts appear shorter than they were. Now they are found on shirts and shorts as well, continuing the optical illusion of shrinking hemlines.



It is said that real men wear pink. However, the 19th century had a different idea. Important boys, such as Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Author, are often depicted wearing pink. Boys who were considered small men, wore pink to mirror the soldier’s red.But pastels in general represented youth. Now a new tradition is upon us as young adults embrace bright pastels for the season. 


A classic Floridian male outfit worn during warmer climates is the tank top and crotch-drop shorts. The tank top has been prevalent since the late ’60s and is a term that originated from the straps of women’s swimsuits. The crotch drop shorts, originally from Asia, provided men with a more comfortable fit and above the knee hemlines – a sophisticated prep. 


The Parisian is a look that dates back to 18th century France where suspenders first made their debut. An alternative way of keeping pants on the hips is still a popular mancessory that can complement a variety of tastes. 


TOMS, known as the shoe company that gives back, has always incorporated a general style for their brand. The idea for the canvas slip-on shoes that came from Argentinian “Alpargatas” has now morphed into a sneaker. This simple clean shoe not only goes well with the many compilations of your closet, it is yet another opportunity to help impoverished children receive a pair of shoes themselves.