Lynch, Mims compete at NFL Scouting Combine


Former USF defensive ends Aaron Lynch and Tevin Mims competed at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Sunday and Monday.

Lynch, a redshirt sophomore who has been mentioned in the first round of mock drafts at points in his career, elected not to do any physical tests aside from the bench press.  

Lynch’s 18 repetitions of 225 pounds are tied for third-lowest of all defensive linemen at the combine. Just below Lynch at 17 repetitions, is Mims.

Unlike Lynch, Mims completed multiple physical drills and had a 27.5 inch vertical jump and 109 inch broad jump (20 inches less than the leader among defensive linemen).

Lynch and Mims will do more extensive testing along with other former USF players at USF Pro Day on March 10.

– Staff report