Web fashion trends that hit and miss


HIT: wornontv.net


Often while watching a favorite TV show, viewers may relate to a particular character, perhaps because they believe the character could be based on them or they wish they could emulate the character.

Now with the help of websites such as wornontv.net and what-the-frock.com, viewers can now conveniently dress like their favorite character or celebrity with a click of a mouse.

Though what–the-frock.com has recently gone on hiatus, wornontv.net continues to keep up with the ensembles worn by many favorite characters of more than 70 TV shows.

The website is well-organized and fans can search by their favorite character, and also by the episode.

The webmaster displays the exact article of clothing if available, but also affordable or look-a-like options.

Though the site offers options that are a little more affordable, the reasonable choices are not available for every outfit.

Though there may be some who might get excited at the prospect of dressing like their favorite TV star, a site like this could give an audience a peek behind the curtain. Some choices may lead to questions pertaining to the validity of the style choices made, such as the nearly $1,300 Burberry jacket worn by New York detective Kate Beckett on ABC’s “Castle,” or how the characters can afford the outfits.

However, it is a great starter guide and in-depth look into what goes into your favorite character’s style.

Though it is mainly geared toward women, there are several options for men as well.


MISS: partywithsluts.com


Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.” Well, the same could be said about women.

For most women there is an innate sense of self-worth that keeps her from advertising promiscuity, or lack thereof, to the world.

However, this is not the case with women who have been seen around town wearing clothing that boldly states “party with sluts,” “DTF” or just simply “slut.”

For as little as $15 a woman can now have “slut” written across her barely there booty shorts. Or, for almost $20 “Slut Life, the wetter the better” plastered across her chest.

Whether or not a woman has self-respect, she must realize what is implied when they wear clothing from websites such as the Tampa-based partywithsluts.com.

Though it is a simple fact that women are always in control of their body, they must realize in order for others to show her respect, she must respect herself first.

When someone sees a woman advertising that she is a slut, chances are that is exactly how she will be treated, especially if the two are meeting at one of the website’s many “Party With a Slut” parties.

True, owning your sexuality is a huge factor for feminism, but so is self-respect and self-empowerment.

So again, Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.” He also followed that up with, “Naked people have little or no influence on society.”