Ways to spice up your Valentine’s date


Whether you and your partner have been together for years and are looking for a way to make your intimate time more interesting, or whether you are a new couple looking for new, fun ways to break the ice, here are a few tips that will help get in the mood.


Sexify your palette 

There is an old saying that the way to a person’s heart is through food, but with the right food it could also be a way into his or her pants. 

There are five foods that are guaranteed to increase any libido: raw oysters, chocolate, strawberries, artichokes and pine nuts. 

It’s not advisable to mix the five together at once, but they cover enough territory for a three-course meal. 

Start with raw oysters as an appetizer, work artichokes into the main course with a salad or stuff them and end with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. You can add crushed pine nuts to the chocolate covered strawberries if you must have all five for extra help. 


Give each other a sensual massage

Though it may be unlikely for it to be reciprocated, planning a sensual massage for your partner is the perfect way to turn up the heat and get both of you in the mood.

Turn the lights off, light a few candles, put on something sexy and pull out your favorite lotion. Try not to use oils, because it could lead to a mess, and what is sexy about a mess? Instead use lotion. It makes the skin soft, absorbs easier and often smells really good.

Start at the neck, cover the entire back and work your way down to the legs and feet. Give every body part the perfect amount of attention to guarantee the perfect massage. 


Turn your favorite game into a naughty one

Whether it is naughty dice, strip poker, strip twister –  or really anything naked – sexifying your favorite games is a great way to spice up foreplay or any make out session. 

It doesn’t matter how long you have been together, having fun while being sensual is a huge turn-on for almost everyone. 

It is a great way to get to know each other, break the ice and find out what each other’s likes or dislikes.