So you’re single on Valentine’s Day …


So what? If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, to hell with the flowers and candy hearts.

Valentine’s Day may be one of the world’s hidden blessings for singles. While everyone may seem to be coupled and cute, Feb. 14 provides the ability to scout out everyone who doesn’t have a date, highlighting those options in the singles market. On a simple walk down the street, a visit to a local bar or a popular hangout spot, you could look around and if you see anyone alone, it is highly likely that person is in a similar dateless situation and potentially looking for a person to go out with.

In addition to the romance and eroticism, the point of Valentine’s Day is like any other holiday — togetherness. Despite what the jewelry commercials are preaching on TV, you can still be with others on Valentine’s Day.

While the easy option is to avoid the holiday by staying home, consuming a shameful amount of chocolate ice cream and investing countless hours in “House of Cards” on Netflix, one should still strive to enjoy the company of others.

If meeting new people doesn’t result in a new date, call the single friends you already know to a singles party. Throw a house party on Friday night and forget about the couples that weren’t invited to the party. Go out with your friends and act as each other’s wingmen to get everyone a date for next week.

So romance authors and movie producers are selling the Hallmark ideal that it is absolutely critical to receive flowers and a box of chocolates this weekend, but the potentially harsh reality of being single on Valentine’s Day is cushioned in two ways. First, by being single you can save money by not buying a dozen roses that die in a few weeks, and second, you can go shopping Feb.15 and buy your favorite chocolates on discount.

It’s easy to fall into the cynicism and contempt for everything pink and heart-shaped, but it is more encouraging to devote the day to utilizing your independence for positive thoughts.

At the end of the day, you know you’re worth it and don’t need a date to be happy. Roses are red and violets are blue, but buying yourself a drink is cheaper than any dinner for two.


Alex Rosenthal is a
sophomore majoring in mass communications.