A single’s guide to Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is synonymous with couples spending too much time and money on trying to create the perfect evening. This may sometimes lead to many singles feeling pressured to settle on a last minute date or be stuck with the stigma of … (gasp)… being alone.

There is no reason to feel shame or be pressured into a pitiful night out with someone you’re really not into. Take back the Hallmark holiday and revel in solitude by following these tips on creating your own special Valentine’s Day evening. 

Stay in

Every restaurant and romantic destination is going to be completely crowded, so why bother? Avoid the chaos and stay in for the evening. It will save you time and money. Besides, there will be couples everywhere publicly displaying their affection and really, that is the last thing a single person wants to see. 

Catch up on that video game you’ve been dying to play

During the semester there is not always enough time to play the latest and greatest video games. A night in is the perfect time to pick up your controller again – it missed you more than you missed it. If you like playing video games with a group of people and find yourself without said group, head over to the SkyPad on the fourth floor of the Marshall Student Center.

Eat your favorite foods

There is no need to wait for someone to buy you a box of chocolates. You can treat yourself to whatever you want. For dinner, you can go as fancy or as casual as you like. If you cannot cook, you don’t have to score a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Most restaurants offer meals to go. Or, if there is a food you love, but everyone else thinks is disgusting, eat that – as long as you enjoy it. 

Partake in a little drinking

If you are 21 or older buy yourself a nice bottle of wine or a case of your favorite craft beer and take the time to enjoy it. As a bonus if you stay in, you do not have to worry about getting a ride home.

Finish a book

Pick up an easy read or an old favorite, something that can be breezed in a few hours and will leave you in a good mood. Living someone else’s adventure, no matter how many times you have read through it already, can help change your perspective. If Bilbo can leave the Shire, you can stay in for a night. 

Marathon a new series or catch up on an old one

Whether you have a Netflix subscription or not, if you have access to the Internet you can watch television. Use the evening to get caught up on an old favorite you haven’t had time to watch or discover something new. 

Watch a favorite film’s commentary 

The amount of work that goes into making a movie is hard to imagine and directors can be pretty funny people. Listening to the commentary will make the movie more fun to watch the next time around. You can watch the film again sans commentary directly afterward. No one can tell you what to do. 

Treat yourself

Buy something. Anything. Something you have wanted for a while. Go online and partake in a little retail therapy or just browse. Maybe you need a pizza cutter that looks like the U.S.S Enterprise. 

Pamper yourself

There are many ways you can pamper yourself. Take a long, hot bath; give yourself a facial or just dress up for yourself. It will make you feel better about yourself rather than lying around in sweats.  

Invite another single friend over

Just because you are staying in for a night does not mean you have to do it alone. Avoid your friends that are already coupled up and hang out with your fellow lone wolves. Better yet, throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party and have fun. 

Call someone you love

Valentine’s Day is about love after all. Give a loved one who you do not often talk to a call. Wish them a happy Valentine’s Day and catch up.