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Marvel goes all in, while DC continues to gamble


While DC Entertainment continues to make gutsy choices that make fans question the quality of the “Man of Steel” sequel, Marvel Cinematic Universe is consistently making choices that actually make fans get pumped up and excited for the films to come out.

Marvel announced Monday that two-time Academy Award winner Michael Douglas will be cast as Hank Pym in “Ant-man,” scheduled to be released next year.

This is huge news considering when Paul Rudd was signed on to play “Ant-man,” it was assumed he would portray Pym, the scientist behind the size-morphing character’s creation. However, Monday’s announcement also stated he will actually play Scott Lang, who in the comic book is a thief that steals the suit in order to save his daughter.

This new information is making fans excited to see how this film adaptation of the comic will play out, especially with a 69-year-old playing the title role.

Meanwhile DC Entertainment announced in December, after many failed attempts in film and television, that it has found its Wonder Woman in actress Gal Gadot.

With a history of being Miss Israel and serving two years in the Israel Defense Force, it is clear that Gadot has the beauty and ability to kick butt as Wonder Woman would.

However, in her supporting roles in the “Fast & Furious” movies, “Date Night” and “Knight and Day,” she hasn’t exhibited the ability to carry the franchise DC will inevitably continue, especially when trying to build a Justice League cast that will be able to compete with the already well-established Avengers.

Gadot’s casting came after an already highly public criticized decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Though these could be genius choices that will surprise everyone, right now they are choices that make fans question DC’s ability to play on the same level as Marvel.

DC has time to redeem themselves before “Justice League” with incredible castings for the roles of Flash, Aquaman and recasting the Green Lantern, but with recent rumors of Johnny Depp possibly being cast as Dr. Strange in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot, their chances continue to dwindle.