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Editor’s year-end entertainment picks


Mike Mallory

Asst. Sports Editor

Movie: “Lincoln” – The authenticity of Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance as Abraham Lincoln was the catalyst that took viewers back in time. 

Album: Kanye West, “Yeezus”Kanye West took a bold step as always with an album that grabs your attention in one way or another. The album created a lot of buzz, more than any other hip-hop album this year.


Allison Weatherly

Copy Editor

Movie: “The Great Gatsby”- The film is based on of one of my favorite books and I was excited to see Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation. Luhrmann did an outstanding job modifying the novel’s themes and metaphors to film. 

Album: The Civil Wars, “The Civil Wars”- What is probably their last album, “The Civil Wars” showed the duo’s perfect blend of peaceful harmonies, something the band is known for. Their album’s first single, “The One That Got Away” was definitely on my breakup playlist this past year.


Adam Fenster

Sports Editor

Movie: “This is the End”- A few plot holes aside, this movie was able to have the audience laughing from start to finish with amazing cameos throughout. 

Album: George Watsky, “Cardboard Castles”- Topping Macklemore’s “The Heist” on iTunes at one point, “Cardboard Castles” is an innovative, lyrically deep album that sends the message of appreciating life for what it is, being kind to people and including fun tracks in between. 


Roberto Roldan

News Editor

Movie: “Pacific Rim”- In the best way possible, it wasn’t what I was expecting a Guillermo del Toro movie to be. Seeing Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on the big screen was a plus.

Album: The Front Bottoms, “Talon of the Hawk”- It was their first professionally produced album and showed their progression as a band and as individuals. While they did develop a little of a pop sound, they maintained their identity as an upcoming indie punk band.


Alex Rosenthal

Managing Editor

Movie: “Gravity”- In her best film yet, Sandra Bullock starred in a visually stimulating spinning tale of survival.

Music: Lady Gaga, “Artpop”- Every song on this album is better than the last. It continues Gaga’s legacy as the best new artist of the millennium.


Jasmine Abney

Co-Photo Editor

Movie: “This is the End”- One of the funniest movies I have seen this year. There was barely a moment when I wasn’t laughing.

Music: Toro y Moi, “Anything in Return”- Toro y Moi continues to be one of my favorite artists. “Anything in Return” is a great album that I can listen to nonstop.

Ali Liest

Opinion Editor

Movie: “The Internship” – I didn’t get to see a lot of new movies this year, but of the ones I saw, “The Internship” was the funniest. It was predictable, but who doesn’t love a movie with a heart-warming happy ending?

Music: Katy Perry, “Prism”- As a Katy Perry fanatic, I thought this was her best album yet. Her songs had deep meaning and sounded beautiful.


Shaunda Wickham

Scene and Heard Editor

Movie: “Before Midnight”- As a huge fan of the “Before-” series, I couldn’t wait to see what happened in the next chapter in the relationship of the amazing couple Jesse and Celine. Sticking true to the series, it was an amazing realistic look into the couple’s life.

Music: The Neighbourhood, “I Love You”- After seeing the freshman band perform its album live twice this year, there is no denying  The Neighbourhood has staying power. Their album is on constant repeat in my car.