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New World Brewery: Come for beer, stay for entertainment


Hidden on the outskirts of one of the most notable party streets in Tampa, the rustic haven of New World Brewery offers a more low-key, relaxing vibe to the chaos usually found in the nightlife of Ybor City.

Customers are sure to feel right at home as the modest bar is built to resemble a mountainside cabin filled with rural decor. Maps and globes can be found throughout to uphold the namesake.

The homegrown atmosphere is what brings in the crowds, as live indie-rock music waifs through the air in a sea of beards and flannel holding craft beer as they bob along.

The theme is simple and understated and held throughout the establishment, with the exception of the vast beer selection. New World Brewery offers more than 80 different brands of craft beer sure to entice anyone’s palette, ranging from ciders to pale ales to amber and much more.

While the brewery excels in beer selection, it lacks in bar-time grub. The minimal menu boasts a selection of 15 different types of thin crust pizza, with the choice of only three different types of sauce: white, black bean and tomato. Also offered is salad, hummus, baked goat cheese and signature Johnny bread.

Though the thin crust pizza is clearly the specialty, the “Venus,” a pizza topped with artichoke, onion and feta with white sauce, left much to be desired. The $14 pizza wasovercooked, bitter and topped with canned artichokes. It was merely a step up from a frozen Totino’s pizza.

For such a simple pizza, it also took over a half hour to get to the table. Our group was able to play four rounds of foosball and down nearly two beers each in that time.

In all fairness, it is obvious patrons do not come for the food. Ybor boasts such a large variety of restaurants to choose from, so the safest bet is to enjoy another food establishment in Ybor and walk down to New World Brewery for the beer and entertainment afterward.

If you must nosh on something as you drink responsibly, opt for the $5 Johnny Bread, or garlic bread served with marinara sauce. It is actually quite delicious for how simple it is.

Locals head to Ybor knowing they will have a good night out — whatever the mood might be. It is refreshing to know that even if you need a break from the chaos, there is a relaxing alternative to the craziness of the historic city.