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Alec Baldwin has unreasonable paparazzi expectations


After accusations for using an anti-gay slur against a reporter, “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin is threatening to leave the show business.

According to TMZ, in an encounter with paparazzi last week caught on video, it seems Baldwin used the term “c–k-sucking f-g,” but according to Baldwin in later remarks he used the term “fathead,” not “f-g.”

The video is unclear, but Baldwin is more than likely backtracking with the “fathead” claim to protect his image.

The photographer was simply doing his job by taking photos of Baldwin and his family when Baldwin became enraged. As Baldwin chased away
paparazzi, after getting his family into their car outside their New York apartment, Baldwin noticed a paparazzo filming and uttered the f-word.

Baldwin is a much more refined celebrity and should not submit to this type of behavior.

Ultimately, Baldwin is only bringing himself down to the level of diva celebrities, such as Kanye West, who have tantrums in reaction to paparazzi trying to do their jobs.

Shortly after media got a hold of the incident, MSNBC temporarily suspended its late night talk show “Up Late with Alec Baldwin” for unspecified reasons.

However, MSNBC made a good decision.

Baldwin should be reprimanded for his obnoxious behavior, whether the second word was fathead or “f-g.”

Calling someone a “c–k-sucking” anything should be considered unprofessional and unacceptable for a public figure.

Similarly, the person recording the incident was standing at a reasonable distance and Baldwin actually threatened him by asking “Do you know what’s going to happen to you?”

According to a blog by Baldwin released by Huffington Post, Baldwin is considering leaving show business.

In the blog, he claimed that if leaving every aspect of show business would protect his family, it was an easy decision. It is understandable that Baldwin wants to protect his wife and children, but he should recognize that he got himself into this career.

In the blog, Baldwin stated “reporters harass and hector (my wife) and our baby outside our home in ways that approximate a hockey brawl.”

However, the video shows the photographer that he chases down was not doing anything to harm the family but simply taking photographs. When Baldwin expressed his displeasure the photographer left immediately without a “brawl.”

If Baldwin can’t handle the constant public exposure, he should not have become a celebrity in the first place. Baldwin has been in showbiz since the early 1980s and by now should understand being a celebrity comes with constant interaction with paparazzi and it’s not always pleasant.

Even if Baldwin stepped away from showbiz, he has already made a name for himself and will probably continue to have interactions with reporters and photographers.

Baldwin can deny the slur as much as he wants, but the incident was caught on video and the media has already run with the story. If Baldwin does not want attention from paparazzi, he should refrain from drawing attention by yelling in such a way to reporters.

Ali Leist is a junior majoring in mass communications.