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USF creates Summer Institute


USF will be creating a new institute this summer,“aimed at providing students with greater access to high-demand classes, as well as creating a new range of self-supporting academic programs,” and a new director has been hired, according to an article posted on the USF homepage Tuesday afternoon.

Cynthia DeLuca, former associate vice provost for enrollment at North Carolina State University, has been hired “to explore schedules, modes of course delivery and funding models for USF’s Summer Institute, a program which will become independent from state subsidies.”

The announcement comes in the weeks following USF Provost Ralph Wilcox’s presentation to the Faculty Senate, in which he said changes to the university’s summer programs would be explored as the university continues to identify ways to streamline costs.

“The success of the Summer Institute is a high priority for USF,” Wilcox said in an article on the USF homepage. “Key to our efforts is identifying and responding to student demand by delivering a summer schedule of classes that contributes to enhanced student progression, retention and improved graduation rates.”


— Staff report