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Remembering Lou Reed: Top 5 picks


The enigmatic front man of the Velvet Underground and meteoric solo artist, Lou Reed died at 71 on Sunday. Becoming iconic in the mid-’60s as the voice of new-wave youth, Reed’s death marks the realization that many classic singers are aging. Soon, the world will be without those who gave inspiration to today’s artists.

The best way to honor Reed’s memory is by celebrating some of his best work:

1. “Heroin,” The Velvet Underground & Nico

One of the group’s most recognized songs, “Heroin” fleshed out the vitriolic relationship the burgeoning 1960s beatniks had with their drug of choice.

2. “Some Kinda Love,” The Velvet Underground

Lighthearted and danceable, this was one of Reed’s more underrated songs. Written during the height of his fame, this one is more easily palatable and rhythm-driven.

3. “Sweet Jane,” The Velvet Underground

Funny, coquettish and pure gold.

4. “Pale Blue Eyes,” The Velvet Underground

Beautiful and subtle, this was Reed’s songwriting at its most sore and real.

5. “Perfect Day,” solo album “Transformer”

From his solo album, ironic and macabre, this song is timeless and the piano will break your heart. Hilarious and troubling.