SG senate elections begin today

In the wake of the debate over Library funding, Student Government (SG) representatives are stressing the importance of the midterm senate elections.

“If there had been a different senate, Activity and Service fee (A&S) funding might have been interpreted differently and things might have gone a different path,” Sayf Hassouneh, SG supervisor of elections, said. “Whether you agreed with our decision to not fund the Library with A&S fees or not, you need to go out and vote based on who represents your views.”

Beginning today at 8 a.m., students will have the opportunity to vote online via their USF portal site or in-person at polling stations set up across campus. Students will have until 8 p.m. Wednesday to cast their votes.

Polling locations can be found in front of Fresh Food Company dining hall and the Marshall Student Center. A
station at the Juniper-Poplar residence hall will only be open Tuesday and a station at the Cypress residence hall will be open Wednesday.

“Only 10 percent of students voted in the last election and that’s sad,” Hassouneh said. “We have polling places in more locations and voting 24/7 online, so we are hoping with more accessibility the turnout will be greater.”

Arts and Sciences

Jason Adamchak

Adam Albadawi

Lama Alqasemi

Marwa Elkharsity

Hassan Elminshawy

Anika Graham

Michelle Hunt

Matthew Moschell

Arah Saine


Kristen Truong


Mahmoud Ahmed

Joesph Capodice

Adela Ramos

Andy Rodriquez


Juan Rodriquez
Carolina Vindel


Umar Abunamous

Anika Ibnath Hasan

Mateo Hernandez

Emily Oliver


Bart Sztykowski


Aishat Alimi


Monicea Haynes


Joshi Pinak


Kayla Leland



Brian Lehrer

Public Health


Dalia Odeh