Student organization to host Condom Carnival

When the Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF) organization was founded last spring, co-organizer Megan Milanese said the organization hoped to “make a splash.”

Today, the organization of students of faith who support pro-choice and reproductive rights initiatives, hope to make that splash with a “Condom Carnival” in the Marshall Student Center Ballroom from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Michelle Benghtt, president of SYRF, said students can expect to encounter many different carnival games at this event, such as the “Eradicate the STD” game. In this game, participants will be throwing lube to reveal information about certain sexually transmitted diseases.

The games are specifically geared toward learning about STDs, prevention and safer sex practices. In addition to the games, the event offers free food to those who attend.

SYRF will require students to stop at all the other organizations’ tables and get a card stamped before you are eligible to eat.

SYRF is hosting the event in hopes to raise awareness about safe sex and to mend the bond between religion and sexuality, Benghtt said. SYRF chose a carnival theme for this event to offer students a fun way to look at sex. Benghtt said a big push behind their choice was the idea of “who does not want to go to a carnival?”

Benghtt said she also hopes students take away the message that there is a place to be spiritual and sexually active.

“We are all people,” Benghtt said. “Some of us are spiritual and some of us have sex.”