Annual Hazing Prevention Week to include non-Greeks at USF

As hazing has made headlines nationally, all Greek Life councils, USF Athletics, ROTC, Herd of Thunder and Sports Club Council have come together for the annual National Hazing Prevention Week. 

Matt Smalbach, a senior majoring in finance and economics, who played a big role in organizing the events of the week, said he hopes the week will allow victims of hazing to come forward and share their stories, which he said enable others to come forward to report hazing.

This year, Smalbach said the event will expand beyond simply covering Greek hazing.

“Typically, hazing is thought of as just a Greek thing,” he said. “But we want Greeks and non-Greeks to work together on preventing this.”

Greg Berkowitz, a graduate student in the School of Public Affairs and the former president of the USF chapter of the fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, said he will share his story about trying to report hazing at an event on Friday titled “Our Stories,” and said he hopes more students will share their stories and spread awareness of the issue.

In February, the university modified its hazing prevention policy to outline the rights of those reporting hazing.   

The events will include a panel discussion today, a candlelight vigil Tuesday, a Bull Market petition for raising awareness about hazing Wednesday, a lecture from Mitch Crane, a Pennsylvania judge, on Thursday and an event Friday in which USF students can share their experiences with hazing.