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On-campus housing still available

Most years, on-campus housing is prime realty that fills up fast.

As the spring 2014 housing application opened this week, occupancy rates showed available housing for this semester still remained on campus, the department had initially waitlisted about 500 upperclassmen seeking on-campus living facilities.

As of Friday, on-campus housing had a 95 percent occupancy rate with 261 beds under standard capacity, according to the Department of Housing and Residential Education.

Many students, such as Morgan Kyle, a sophomore majoring in biomedical sciences, said housing usually fills up fast. Kyle said she submitted her 2013-14 housing application early the morning applications opened.

Later that day, however, Kyle said housing was full and her friend, along with others, were put on a waitlist for housing.

“By the end of the day, housing was filled and my friend couldn’t get housing the same day,” she said.

Since the requirement for first-year college students to live on campus, housing on campus has maintained a near full occupancy, with occupancy rates as high as 103 and 101 percent in fall 2010 and fall 2012 respectively.

Declining to answer questions by phone, Greg Bowers, assistant director for communications and marketing for Housing and Residential Education, provided some explanation for the vacancies in on-campus housing by sending an email statement to The Oracle after consulting his colleagues.

“For this year, we anticipated that more first-year students would be living on campus in the fall than actually are living on campus,” the email stated.

The email also stated Housing and Residential Education looks forward to “having space available for transfer and first-year students that will be joining us in the spring.”

Currently, the Department of Housing and Residential Education is still accepting housing applications for the fall 2013-14 academic year and are advertising the available housing to students through social media. Applications can be found by going to